Sunday, October 11, 2009

konad koming....

So I have taken a short break to play with my new Konad stuff. I have never done this before and I am still a total newbie at it. I will post pics tomorrow of stuff I have come up with so far. Any and ALL TIPS, TRICKS, ADVICE, ECT... are welcome to help in my transition from free hand to stamping. I figured it would be a piece of cake after free handing all this! it takes talent to make it look good. So, with that said I will bring the pictures you bring the comments. Thanks Ladies!


  1. Hey there :) I just got my Konad like 10 days ago or something and I've actually picked it up pretty quickly all though I'm by no means a natural expert!
    The best pieces of advice are the most common tips and tricks you see people mention - for instance wiping your stamper/scraper/image plate before and several times during your stamping session with nail polish remover that contains acetone. This removes natural oils left behind by your fingers and helps create sharper images.
    Another tip - if you have the metal scraper you could try substituting it with an old credit card (or any unused plastic card) - it will work just as well without scratching up your image plates. Personally I don't do this because the scuff marks left by the metal scraper don't hinder the plate's performance at all.
    Uhhmm what else... When applying polish to the plate, all you really need is a little drop on one end of the design, as when you scrape across the design you will be filling the rest of the design in. This will save you wasting SO much polish in the long run!
    As for what other polishes can be used with the system other than the 'special polishes' - Sasse has a list of polishes that people have found to work well here: but don't be afraid to experiment! Half the fun is trying things out, right? :)

    That's all I can think of right now :) good luck with your stamping adventures :D hehe.
    I can't WAIT to see what you've come up with so far, and all of your future creations!

    Your fellow newbie Konad-er ;D

  2. Oh fun! I got it a few months back. My tip is clean up around the edges once all nails are done.